The day started like any other…. But then, just as you were enjoying a walk in the woods, your sister was kidnapped by alien robots from space!

You were lucky – you could have been taken as well but you managed to escape. …But what of your sister? Can you save her from these monsters – or will you die trying? If you’re brave enough then you will have to negotiate a series of challenging physics based puzzles in a world of traps and monsters….

Welcome to the darker reaches of my imagination. This game has been in development for a year and it’s almost ready for release. There are seven large levels of puzzles for you to conquer. On your journey you will encounter…. Ah, heck, why should I tell you what will happen? You’ll be confronted by puzzles, traps, monsters and robots! You’ll also get to drive a high-performance truck and shoot a mini-gun….!

Umbra is a 2d physics platformer. If your hardware has less than 1Gb of video memory and you don’t have DirectX support then the game may not run smoothly on your legacy hardware. Game control is via the keyboard/mouse or a Xbox360 controller. Steam Achievements will be supported as well, so you can share your intellectual and hand/eye coordination superiority with your friends. I hope to release this on Linux and OSX as well, but no promises: PC is my main focus. This game is undergoing final bug testing and should be available at the end of 2015.

I’ve created a demo for you to try – use WASD or Arrow keys to navigate around the start page. Mouse left is Jump and Mouse right is Action (Mouse move is gun aim – for later in the game). You can configure your favorite keyboard / Xbox360 configuration if you wish. The demo can be downloaded from IndieDB.

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