A 2.5D Action-packed platformer

Bored of telling the stories of heroes, a bard heads on an old dungeon to proove his worth and have the glory all for himself.

But the castle is inhabited by small creatures. Not really dangerous, they cling on to you and slow you down. On the bright side, you can now use them as projectile, protection or additional weight when needed.

A Student game made in 9 month at Isart Digital Paris.
Controler is REQUIRED and your PC must be pretty powerful.

Awards and Nominations :

Best Game and Best Art at Isart Digital 2015

Finalist at the Unity Awards 2015

Finalist at the Ping Awards 2015

Won the Game Critic award 2015 (Upon a 10min presentation)


Louis Cabrera – Code
Mathieu Chevalier – Art
Florian Costes – Sound Design
Jordy Embun – Production
Peter Lamarque – Voice
Thomas Manceau – Code
Thibaut Mereu – Game Design
Pierrick Kyburz – Art
Kévin Sthoer РArt

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