Timruk is a storybook from within the world of Somewhere, and a small excerpt from our larger game.

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The parable of Timruk and other stories : is a collection of folklore believed to have originated in Kayamgadh.

These stories were first compiled into written form by a traveling poet at the court of Rajha Brimanath at the Kotananku presidency in 1821.
This edition was later transcribed into a large folio, accompanied by a set of miniature paintings that were scavenged from the various Persian and Mongolian manuscripts at the library of Kotananku.

Major Charles Connington of the Bhutagam rifels and Magistrate at Vishnupur, translated the folio edition while working at Calcutta after his return from Kayamgadh,

His translation, which contains imprints of the temple carvings and excerpts from the original compilation, was published as a companion to his controversial book,“Kayamgadh : a city of storytellers”, after his disappearance in 1843.

Our game is an enactment of Connington’s book, a reprinted copy of which is to be found in the archives of the Calcutta state library.

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