The Cursed Caves is a free action-adventure game in a retro style. The player takes the role of the Hero, out to rescue the Girl from the Evil Wizard. There are six possible endings (one being the “true” ending).

At first, the game may seem like many that have come before – that is the idea anyway – but there is more to the story than the typical hero-rescues-girl stereotype. With this game, it is my aim to make a player question the common notions presented in these stereotypical stories. The real point to the story occurs after the Girl is rescued and brought back to the Village. What if she’s thankful, but not romantically interested in the Hero? What happens to their “happily ever after”? Why does the Hero always carry his sword around, even when chatting to people? Is a hero necessarily a good person?

I hope that a player will appreciate the ideas that lie in the story of The Cursed Caves, but if not, it’s still pretty fun just to kill all the monsters.

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