Activate your Arcship, assemble your fleet and plunge into the neverending Faction warfare of Shattered Worlds – the combination SciFi Card & Wargame. Will you be able to claim the ancient secrets of the Singularity? Join our free Pioneer playtest sessions and use your tactical insight to create decks, move units, play effect cards, start collecting and help us shape the Story of this new wargaming experience.

SciFi Card & Wargame
Combine fast-paced card action with tactical positioning! Shattered Worlds merges the excitement of modern collectible card games with the glory days of hex-based SciFi wargaming. Outthink your opponent on different hex maps filled with space hazards!

No paying for more cards
We keep game balance separate from spending more money! Cardpool expansion consists of a collective player faction effort during campaign play. Faction card rewards are added to the collective cardpool, in addition to individual cosmetic rewards.

Work together to shape the game
Campaigns give all players a shared objective in fighting for their chosen faction! Work together to build your faction’s campaign strategy. Unlock both individual and collective faction rewards on the campaign map. The outcome directly determines the course of the Game Lore!

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