The lands of Fyra are a harsh, cold, and unforgiving wasteland; traits the people that inhabit it have inherited. When their children reach maturity, some are sent to guard the land’s borders – told never to return without either a trespasser or completing a Journey delivered by the Gods. In exchange, their families are guaranteed food and shelter in the harsh lands for as long as their children man the wall; in the end, many die on the border – waiting for intruders who do not come or Gods who will not speak with them.

Iyu is one of those who was fated to guard the border. He has survived 30 withering years in the biting cold and, now an adult, is plagued with visions of death and dying alone. His resolve is tested as the Gods finally deliver him the means to take the first step on his journey – a meeting with the Goddess of Death. It seems that to go home, first he must die trying.

Ouroboros: The Sacrifice is a short-length (25-50 minute) first-person horror-themed adventure game. Includes professional voice-acting, hand-drawn backgrounds and characters, and an atmospheric soundtrack.

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