Made for Ludum Dare 32

This is a text adventure with some animated characters.
You are a knight, you are in a dungeon without anything but a book containing biographies of all the monsters you will meet before you leave. Use your wit, and nastiness to make each one cry and you may see the light of day again.

I encountered a few challenges along the way, the first was that I missed about 8 hours of the jam because of school. I had to work with twine 2.0, which I have done before, but it is a fairly new piece of software so it isn’t amazingly documented. I would have liked to be able to change the background colour towards the end of the game but limitations in CSS meant I couldn’t. I also had some trouble animating my monsters in photoshop as I was live streaming and using a pen tablet which was rather taxing on my laptop. I also had some trouble with embedding the game (I lost formatting and fonts) so it’s download only at the moment.

Link to Ludum Dare voting page:

Made with twine 2.0

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