Minetest is an infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like.

Minetest is available natively for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X and Free / Open BSD, and is Free and Open Source Software, released under the LGPL 2.1 or later.


– Explore, dig and build in a voxel world, and craft stuff from raw materials to help you along the way.
– Easy plugin based Modding API used to add blocks, tools and features to the game.
– Multiplayer support for tens of players, via servers hosted by users.
– Voxel based lighting with gameplay consequences (light caves and buildings with torches)
– Almost infinite world and several beautiful map generators.

Minetest is designed to be simple, stable and portable. It is lightweight enough to run on fairly old hardware. It currently runs playably on a laptop with Intel 945GM graphics. Although, as for the CPU, dualcore is recommended.

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