Magbot is a mix of classic platforming and modern physics. Magbot is releasing on PC (Windows / Mac / Linux). Magbot is a metroidvania style puzzle game with a focus on exploration rather than combat. The challenges come from overcoming a hostile environment and occasionally running into its powerful inhabitants.

Magbot features magnetic and gravity abilities to collect and use for environmental manipulation and exploration. The flashlight allows you to navigate dark corridors and also scan certain objects.

Magbot’s magnetic abilities are Attract (pull metal objects closer) and Repulse (push metal objects away). Small blue MagPoints mounted on the walls of the ship allow you to use Attract and Repulse to pull or push yourself to areas you can’t jump to.

As you progress in the game you gain more abilities such as Kinetic Blast, Jump Booster, Gravity Tether, and Gravity Bubble. Each ability unlocks new areas of the ship to explore and are needed to defeat powerful enemies.

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