With Mason Zane killed in a mysterious chain of events, his perception of the world in his alter ego Madd Mann seemed doomed to die. That is, until Daryl Schuhorne, a woman with an equally bizarre obsession for doing absolutely everything in a business suit with a vivid red tie, came along.

Run around in circles in this highly addictive endless runner that, like any half-decent game, is easy to get into but tricky to do well in! The environment in Maddening Relapse 2 (which is procedurally generated) is unconventionally circular, and features a deadly wall that rotates around its centre eager to eat you whole!

Avoid having spikes introduce new holes into your ecosystem. You see that hole over there? Yeah, don’t fall down that into the void! And now, making their return from their appearance in 2010’s Maddening, bounce off trampolines for big air and try your best not to get slowed down in vats of thick goo!

On the plus, if you hang around near the wall for too long, you can achieve a temporary Second Wind speedboost that will reward you with doubled running speed and the mandatory congratulatory airhorn.

Do this all in any of 16 colour schemes that slap a new coat of paint on the entire game. You also receive poetry describing your demise, which also change with the theme – meaning there are 640 lines of low-grade, occasionally filthy poetry sitting there waiting to be read!

If you’ve played Maddening Relapse 1 and are wondering what else is new – the wonderful new soundtrack is by Meizong (used under a CC-BY 3.0 license), Relapse 2 can run in fullscreen or in any window size and will look lovely up to 1080p where Relapse 1 was a bit poop beyond 960×640, there’s a bunch of polish and new nice stuff, better stat tracking, and basically Relapse 2 is just great where Relapse 1 was okay!

If you have a GameJolt account, Maddening Relapse 2 also contains 110 GameJolt achievements and global highscore leaderboards. Sign in to join in at any point via the GameJolt option in the main menu, and see more information on Maddening Relapse 2’s leaderboads and trophies on its GameJolt page here.

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