Created within 72 hours for Ludum Dare 32, Time Bomb asks you to find your way to the bridge and activate the self-destruct sequence (red panel). Then make your way back to the teleporter you started at and activate it (via the blue panel on the wall) to escape. You can shoot time orbs which distort time for anything (including yourself) inside them.

Gamepad strongly recommended!

This game uses gamepad dual-stick controls by default. Left stick to move, right stick to look. Shoot with right trigger. Activate panels with A (assuming Xbox 360 controller). Invert Y look axis with I (on keyboard).

Keyboard controls default to the oldschool DOOM or Wolfenstein 3D style controls where A and D turn left/right and W and S move forward/backward.

Controls are customizable in-game (only during the part of the game you can control your character) with Escape.

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