Kaboom Arena is a fast paced game where your primary objective is to survive in the arena by blowing up your opponents with all manner of items and weapons that go boom.

The game is an isometric, 3D-rendered remake of classics like Bomberman but with a more free-form, less lane-oriented design.

Your primary weapon is a bomb, that can be enhanced by drinking one of the many different types of power-up potions scattered throughout the arena. Throw the bomb and watch in glee as it explodes.

Your secondary weapon is some dynamite that is dropped at your feet waiting to catch out any other players running behind you. This weapon can also be enhanced to become more of a defensive weapon.

The game is intended to be played by 1 to 8 players on a single arena.

The Story:
You are a Goblin Sapper, thrust into an arena by those pesky Humans to fight for your life, and of course be the source of their entertainment.

You will need to use all your skills of “Da Boom” coupled with your cunning and guile to survive, but not even death will bring an end to the misery thanks to those damn Human Wizards who are always resurrecting you.

Use the gold that your opponents drop to buy more powerful items to bring with you into the arena and maybe give you that extra edge.

It is time to make things go BOOM!!!

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