HELLO is all about talking, looking and some maybe not-so-meaningful choices. We wanted to see what it’d be like to make a twine game in UE4, and well this is the finished(?) result. We have lots more ideas, but this was made as our final year project so it’s really just a small slice to showcase what we wanted to make!

The game uses QR codes, so if you have a QR scanner handy that’d be cool, but if you don’t it really doesn’t make a difference.

We wanna know what you think, did you love it, did you hate? Or do you just not get it? Tell us why! Leave a comment, or you can tweet either of us:
@benjodurbin (writing, level designer, and most of the engine stuff)
@leafykayo (artist, and pretty much everything you see). Thanks a bunch! All of the music was sourced from freesound.org, under the CC0 license. Controls: WASD – Movement Shift – Sprint Right Mouse – Look/Zoom E – Interact R – Reset Esc – Quit

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