GUILT is a short game made in a month for IGMC 2015. If you like the game, please consider voting for it here: , it helps a lot!

Last year I made a RPG for IGMC 2014. It was really nice to make, but I wanted to do something a bit darker this time around. After thinking for a while, I decided GUILT would be my next project.
Made with Game Maker: Studio, GUILT focuses a lot on story and atmosphere. The gameplay is focused on stealth and has a bit of platforming in it.

GUILT tells the story of a woman lost in a dark forest. The atmosphere is heavy and there doesn’t seem to be anything alive in it, but she has to go through it.
While exploring, strange things happen around her as she comes across things that shouldn’t be in the middle of a forest.
Discover what’s going on in this dark place, why she’s here and try to lead her to a safer place.

The main focus of GUILT is exploration. You’ll have to walk your way through the forest, sometimes you’ll need to jump, climb, …
But something is in this place. Something follows the woman. She’ll have to hide. She’ll have to sneak through them. If they see her, then her only hope will be to run… But will that be enough?

You can use your keyboard or a controller, it’s up to you. All controls are customizable, make sure to change them in the main or pause menu if you don’t like the defaults!

Arrows – Left stick/D-Pad : Navigate in menus/move
Space – A : Confirm/Jump
Escape – B : Cancel

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