Dr. Blob’s Organism is a lightning-fast shooter game where players blast feisty one-celled organisms as they try to escape from a petri dish.

Each level in the game introduces new powerups (like freeze, lightning and multiguns) and special organism abilities (like force field, regeneration and frenzy) to ramp up the fun and increase the challenge throughout the entire game.

The full version of Dr. Blob’s Organism features:

20 levels of increasing difficulty
10 different powerups
5 special blob abilities
3 difficulty settings
21 music tracks
Squishy, moist sound effects
Bonus dishes
Jukebox (Play music selections from the game.)

2004 IGF double award winner!
2003 Adrenaline Vault Top Shareware Game

Dr. Blob’s Organism was inspired by (and utilizes) John Conway’s cellular automaton “Life”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway’s_Game_of_Life

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