『Discouraged Workers』 is an indie adventure kinetic novel(visual novel) produced by YGGDRASIL STUDIO. The game is the fifth in the Project DW series.


『Discouraged Workers』 is a satirical story based on the popular Korean soap operas-styled plot. It compares Ga-Yeon’s bleak everyday life to the dark side of youth.

A hospital coordinator, Ga-Yeon, fell in love with a doctor at the hospital she was working in and they had an affair even though the doctor was a married man. But when the director found out, she was fired. For over a year she tried to find another job, but her mental uneasiness eventually made her give up and she became a recluse.

A year later, in the spring of 2013, her younger sister, Hye-Na, and her first love Yun-Woo come to her.

A story about the dark side of today’s youth and pretty serious everyday life happening around Ga-Yeon.

Discouraged Workers


Demo is just kinetic novel(visual novel).
The game will be moved on mostly through Ga-Yeon’s point of view and the Archives will be also helpful for you to understand the whole play.
You don’t need to be directly involved in the game – just watch, read, listen, and feel it.
Discouraged Workers is played automatically. You can toggle this function.


A Korean-based densely-plotted story with the gloomy theme.
Short but intense playtime, with the real soap opera-like directing.
The animation-style sprites & CGs, and backgrounds based on retouched real pictures.
Powerful data compression technology applied!

Recent Changes(Demo V1.1.0) -May 16, 2015

Active Characters-Interviewer basic profile
Active Characters-Staff basic profile
Active Archives-Concept
Add Object sprites-Baby, Canned coffee, Envelope, Honey bread
Add Configuration-Text Speed for PC
Add Key binding- H: Show or hide window for PC
Fix Credits, Authorship, Sponsor, Supporter
Fix some dialogues in Korean
Fix Configuration text
Fix Volume Control for PC
Remove useless Gayeon’s transform
Remove useless persistent data
Remove Key repeat control

Next update(V1.1.5)

Complete Demo

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