Dérive : [French], [Lit : “drifting”] To depart from the normal route, to go on an adventure.

A first person exploratory adventure EP, by himynameischuck, with music by Derek Daley.

Dérive is a small experimental exploratory game, made by Tom Davison: I made this game for my final project, as part of my BA Illustration degree at Camberwell College of Arts. It started as a response to visiting Highgate Cemetery in London, but quickly grew into it’s own world. While making the game I found myself creating many fictions which Dérive’s world could possibly contain.
I’ve always be openly inspired by the work of others and I think Dérive’s influences are abundantly clear. In many ways making this game has been a process of helping me understand how what I enjoy about my influences works. This is my first effort making a video game and my first time creating 3d works and as a result, in it’s current version Dérive doesn’t do complete justice to how I envisioned it. However I am very proud of it and would consider working on it more in the future, should I have the time.

Keyboard + Mouse controls:

W/A/S/D to drift,
Left shift to stroll,
Mouse to look,
I to Invert Y Axis,
Right click to look closer,
R to reset the game,
ESC to Quit.

Controller controls: (Xbox 360 Controller Support)

Left analog stick to drift,
B or right bumper to stroll,
Right analog stick to look,
Back to Invert Y Axis,
A or left bumper to look closer,
Start to reset the game,
ESC to Quit.


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