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Cubotrox® presents an innovative gameplay into puzzle videogames, similar to Tetris, but you can rotate the board and compose abstract and figurative forms. Moreover, it expects a real “old-school” challenge for the player, using a “retro-futuristic-neon” visual style and “synth-retro-wave” music, composed by Pablo Martín Atanes.

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The gameplay is as follows: there is a board with cell and a watermark picture on the background; colored cubes are falling from the 4 ortho directions; and the game’s goal is to match the background picture. So, to do this the player can catch & drop the falling cubes, rotate them, even rotate the full board.

The game progression is based on the classic level chart. At each level, there are several disturbing elements against player: limited movement, limited time, falling down frequency of cubes… By this way, the difficulty grade is increased at each higher level. If the player reaches the target score for a level he wins “cubotroxes”, which can be exchanged by booster or in-game gifts.

features low

  • Innovative gameplay mechanic
  • Highly addictive
  • Real old-school challenge
  • Retro-futuristic-neon visual style
  • Synth-retro-wave music
  • Hundreds of level (total number is not yet established)
  • Extra endless mode (find your personal limit)
  • Global world ranking for level mode and endless mode
  • Share your scores with your friend
  • Play on keyboard, mouse or even touch screen
  • Win “cubotroxes” and exchange them by boosters or gifts

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The Barberians Game Studio

Cubotrox® is registered trademark in Spain

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