“Cordura” (Sanity) is an old school Indie Multiplayer First Person Shooter with high end graphics. Based on a fictitious future conflict between Western and Eastern Europe, it allows you to place yourself on a real war scenario and test you sanity and skills.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4 the game has Directx11 last generation graphics with high level of details, dynamic lighting, enhanced physics system and postprocessing effects.

Play LAN/Online with your friends or with AI driven Bots.
Fight in realistic enviroments inspired by real locations.
Huge variety of weapons and tactical designed maps and game achievements.

Current trailer is a gameplay preview from the alpha prototype, the game still under development and the final result will change a lot.

Two gameplay modes are available at the moment, including Team Deathmatch and Deatmatch!

Play online/LAN with your friends or with bots, configurable options.
Three maps and four weapons are availabe at the alpha version.

High quality graphics and easy gameplay. When you purchase the game you will have access to all future updates for free!


Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Mouse Wheel – Select Weapon
WASD – Movement
Mouse – Look
LMB – Shoot
RMB – Aim
R – Reload
Space – Jump
Shift – Sprint
F – Flashlight
Z – Zoom
– open console


Type “open” or external IP to connect to a server.

Game port 7777


To join a server at a specified IP address as a client, use the command line:

To join a server via the in-game console, use the command:

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