Chromatics is a puzzle platformer revolving around the usage of basic colour theory.

You must understand the basics, Primary, Secondary, and Complimentary colours.

The character you play as has a basic black and white default state, but can change to any of the 3 primary colours. In these coloured states, the player can contact any surface that is the same colour as them, any grey surface, and any secondary colour surface that would require the player’s colour to be created. (eg. Red can touch Red, Orange, and Purple.) The black and white player can contact any coloured surface.

Each coloured state gives the player new abilities.
Red increases speed, Blue allows wall jumping/climbing,
and Yellow allows high jumping.

There are no enemies, instead the game environment completely changes depending on the player’s coloured state. A safe passage for a player with the blue state might be incredibly dangerous for a player in the red state.

Movement: A+D or Left Arrow + Right Arrow
Jumping: Space
Reset Level: R

Full release TBD

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