“A game of lysergic excellence”
– Jim Rossignol, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Like traveling through the Matrix on acid”
– Joseph Vanburen, HarryBalls.com

“Like having sex with Yog Sothoth”
– the99th, Play This Thing!

Brainpipe is an easy-to-pick-up first person game of real-time spatial navigation and quick reflexes. Supported by hypnotic graphics, ear tickling sound effects and immersive dreamscape music, the game’s free floating, forward moving intensity gradually increases from serene to frenetic as you play. Brainpipe utilizes an effortless one-click interface so simple that…you know what we’re going to say…a child can do it. But remember: Brainpipe CHaNGeD little Billy!

“Digital Eel makes deep games about weird stuff, going so far as to name one of their better games Weird Worlds. Then they went ahead and outdid themselves.”
– the99th, Play This Thing!

“Completely and utterly original and unbelievably addictive…”
– Tom Lord, TheSixthAxis

“The subtle doppler effect on the constant and schizophrenic audio visual assault positions you squarely inside the game in ways that most struggle at.”
– Brandon Boyer, Offworld

Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity is a 2009 IGF audio award winner

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