Within the ruins of a fallen empire, in a room long forgotten by the world, a swordsman awakens remembering only the words:

*“Jurdin Kylor must die.”*

Thus begins the tale of a swordmaster’s pursuit of a shadowy nemesis across a dark continent ravaged by wars and evil. As he travels the lands, he will encounter characters and creatures weird and strange. He will unravel his past and learn of the part he played and will play, of how the world almost ended and how it might yet end again. But that is a long tale that will take many chapters to tell. This is only the first chapter of an epic set in a massive world of aurablades and mages, of elves and demons, of secret societies and ancient cults.

“I normally don’t play a lot of RPG maker type games but you may have just changed that…Yep, you’ve made a new RPG Maker junkie out of me.”

“I would buy a Blacksword Chronicles [sequel] on Steam.”

“[The game] has a STRONG CORE, in this case the engaging active combat. That alone did a good job carrying the game.”

“I wanted to give out major credit for doing something relatively unique in terms of combat, it isn’t often I see something that initially surprises me like that in a rpg.”

“i mean its RARE that i want more of something.”

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