A Giant Goblin’s Xmax Tale

In this 4 th-wall-breaking game you take control of the Giant Goblin who has just shot down Santa on Xmas night. Together, you and the Giant Goblin will go on a merry-old-fashioned-evil-ghost-candy-killing-holiday rampage, to maybe save Xmas from the jerk, Valdeze, who has stolen the naughty-and-nice-list and all the presents.

– The whole tale is fully voiced by actors

– 2D pixelart arcade comedy/horror shooter

– The main game can be played local co-op

– Local 4 player VS. mode

– The Giant Goblin will complain if you control him badly

– Full of surprises and strange things

If you make a let’s play of A Goblin’s Xmax Tale, we would love to see it and will share it. So tweet to us at: @Giant_Goblin_S

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