Travel to the infinite sky with just one finger!It’s very easy to learn how to play this game.You just need to tap and hold to make the angel goes up! If you drop, the angel goes down.But be careful, try to keep the angel in the middle of the screen, to prevent your angel falls.
If you like casual games, but you don’t like the very hard ones. You should try this game.And if you like hard games, this game is for you too! Just try to win a gold trophy!You’ll need reach 1000+ points to earn it!
Fly like an angel, have fun and relax! How far can you go?Play and share your highscore with your friends.
Some characteristics:- Scenario and challenge generated randomly (Everytime you play, things change!);- This game supports 60fps (you’ll need a powerful cell phone or tablet for that);- You can play with only one finger;- Fast to start and play.
NOTE 1: To share your highscore you’ll need a internet conection.NOTE 2: To have access to the “Continue” button and receive a “continue”, you’ll need a internet connection.NOTE 3: You don’t need internet connection to play this game.
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