Five Minutes a Day
Every day, for the rest of your life.

An ordinary life.An ordinary woman.An ordinary job.
But something strange happens every day.She just doesn’t remember it.

You can beat this game in five minutes.Or you can play it forever.Choose wisely how to spend your time.Your life depends on it.
In other words, there IS an ending in this game. If it keeps looping, you’re doing something wrong.
ATTENTION: This game must be experienced with sound enabled.Five Minutes a Day features immersive and realistic sound effects, aimed to stimulate your visual thinking brain area.Spaces, colours and images will be projected directly in your mind by the simultaneous work of texts and sounds.

Minimum system requirements:

O.S.: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
CPU: Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
Screen resolution: 1280×720
Free hdd space: 150mb
Free ram space: 512mb
GPU memory: 32mb
DirectX®: DirectX® 8.0 or higher

I hope that you will consider a donation when downloading this game.Thank you.