Enigma in the Wine Cellar is a FREEWARE exploration puzzle game. Activate mechanisms, climb stairs and ladders, wade through water, scramble over ceiling handbars and catwalks to explore underground passages and rooms in search of numerous items. Be wary of confusion traps and dead-end rooms. The game is played from a first person point-of-view, and contains three-dimensional multi-level rooms. Seven game maps are included, which vary in complexity.
This game was ported to the Linux OS from the Palm OS. The game sounds were recreated using Audacity 2.0.5, and are played using the Libcanberra sound library. The game was written in C++ using Anjuta 3.10.2 IDE, with GTK+ 3 for the user interface and OpenGL for image rendering.
The archive contains precompiled binary applications for 32-bit and 64-bit x86 Linux platforms with the GTK+ 3 user interface. It has been tested on a Dell Optiplex 755 dual-core system running the Lubuntu 16 Linux distribution. Installation involves decompressing the archive to produces the directory “EnigmaWC-5.0”, then editing some paths in the provided .desktop file (see README) so it can be run from a desktop icon.
Released: November 24, 2016.