The game still is under development, and I need your help to complete the project. For now I offer a FREE Alpha playable demo. There are a few bugs, but I am working on it every day.
Game rated “M” 
El Pansas is a 2D retro pixel art based platformer/shooter, inspired by the great arcade era and platformers.
The name comes from the Spanish slang for “big belly” as it is used as such: “El Panson” meaning the big belly man. This name is often used in Mexico for those men that have really big bellies, most common used for beer drinkers (beer belly).
Play through Mexico’s most folkloric places, fight against creatures from Aztec legends, and amongst other typical Nahuatl stories.
The game is not meant to be taken seriously, since it is filled with sterotypical jokes, while keeping a very spicy Mexican taste. Of course is is not meant to be taken seriously, since it is a game, duh!
The very purpose of this project, is to make the main character come to life in Video-Game form. It is a very comic game witn tons of stereotypes, meant as jokes.
If you would like to help out the process of the game development, I don’t ask for donations, yet, but feedback is very much appreciated!
For more information or any questions please visit my main website: