Allyson Tremonte loves the world of antiques, but when she restores an old brooch, something more intriguing catches her eye…a letter from the famous explorer, Gerard DuPontneuf.  And when the temptation is just too great to ignore, she goes on a hunt to locate a journal that could lead to some of the greatest archaeological finds in history.  Little did she know that this adventure would take her and her partner to Egypt  on a quest to find the fabled Book of Thoth…a book that will give the possessor unbelievable powers.  But will Allyson be able to recover one of Egypt’s long lost relics or will there be others that will stop at nothing to get it?  Find out in…Echoes of the Past.

Point and click
Non-linear puzzles
10 hours of gameplay
150+ rooms to explore
Over 60 characters to interact with
Collect and combine inventory items
Captivating music and sound effects