DISTRICT OVERRUNFast paced top down zombie shooter. Includes persistently simulated map, with dynamic and reactive AI that can navigate the procedurally generated city and surrounding environments. The initially small zombie infestation must actively infect the human population in order to grow into a colossal horde, with the human AI responsible for defending themselves or finding a way to escape. The 5 to 10 thousand AI constantly interacting with each other results in different outcome for each play through. How long can you survive? How many can you save? How many can you kill? The project is in a state of development..
Upcoming features and changes:

Changes to the zombies rate of spread and hoarding. Currently goes from 0 to 100 very suddenly.
 AI navigation and behavioural improvements.
 Introduction of AI oriented base construction and defence. The idea being that you would enlist survivors to join you in fortifying a location. They would then be able to slowly complete tasks that you could otherwise not do.

Created by Alex Deacy, UK Derby, single developer using native Java libraries.
More info on this and other projects at my site : Dynamic Cell Games
or twitter: @DistrictOverrun