This game was created in less than a day by one person.
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You are a young cube-guy who’s trying to protect his home from the evil zombiecube hordes and survive as long as he can during the apocalypse.
Your goal is to kick the zombiecubes off the map and protect the base for as long as possible.
I’m putting together a list of the upgrades/improvements and fixes that will be made, however if you have any suggestions or thoughts that might make the game more exciting and challenging, I’ll definitely be thrilled to hear them.
Thank you and stay dope!

News & Updates
Tip: PRGI stands for “Player Reported Gameplay Issues”

Nov14 – v1.0.1

PRGI: Bullets are useless.Currently trying to make them more useful.
Released Mac and Linux builds (not yet tested)
Bright light patch link is removed as the new version comes patched.

Nov13 – v1.0.0

PRGI: The scene is very dark and it’s difficult to see the zombiecubes and other objects. Resolved using a mini-patch called “Bright light”
Released Windows standalone build.