Learn electronic circuits in a new and exciting way.
The planet is under imminent threat of invasion from an alien invader, their ship is approaching fast.
Our last line of defense, the laser protection system on Moon Base Alpha has been sabotaged…
You have minutes to fix the generator, fire the laser and save the world.
Only good engineers need apply…… your knowledge and expertise is everything!
Circuit Warz is electrical and electronic engineering education re-imagined..
Seven complete levels to assess your knowledge of basic electronic circuits including Series Parallel Resistor circuits, Resistor Capacitor (RC) filters, Graetz Bridges, Wheatstone bridges, Weighted summing amplifiers, Transistor switches and Oscillator circuits.
Learn basic electronic circuits in a new and exciting way.
Can you survive and become Master of the Circuits.
Topics covered include Current and Voltage Resistance and Resistors Capacitance and Capacitors Alternating Current Semiconductors Transistors Diodes Ohms Law Equivalent resistance