Welcome to the city of Chopper were goons and pycho’s run wild. This city was once a peaceful place to live until the goons started to arrived. Senseless acts of violence ran amuck through-out the city. All is not lost there is one who will stand up and his name is “MACK-T”. Help Mack-T restore order and peace to the once wonderful City of Chopper. Defeat goons, pycho’s, lunatic and more. Use the tools of war to defend your self.

Scoring system
Menu system
Shooting logic
USB Gamepad compatibility
keyboard controls
Hi-Score system ( coming soon in full version)
15 bullet power-ups ( coming soon in full version)
Boss battles (coming soon in full version)
Soundtrack (In the making)
New enemy each level ( in the making)
20+ Levels (in- development)