Brave Battle is a prototype of fps that is happening in the period of World War II, is being developed on the Unity engine.

The game is already available for download in testing phase, so may have many bugs.What is already complete or in development?

– The system login / register [COMPLETE] – Vehicles [WIP] – Weapons [COMPLETE / WIP] – Rank (Score, Level, XP, Money, etc.) [COMPLETE] – Bots (AI) [WIP] – Soviet Faction [WIP] – Maps (level design) [WIP] – Menu (Shop, Lodout, Matchmaking, Servers) [WIP] – Player Animations [WIP] – Gamemodes [WIP] – Network [WIP] – More information released soon

Project members:

-HunterNX (Programmer, audio design, modeler, level design).
Vin-John (tester).

Actual Build:

In this version, two new weapons in addition to 4 explosives, in addition to the system of grenades and a small bug fixes.


– Tree new weapons

– Colt Model 1917 .45

– Soviet PTRD-41 (WIP)


– Chat In-game System (PRESS Y to Chat)

– Wheater System

– Ladders Climb

– Chat Commands

– Internet Connection Check

– Bots(WIP)!

Bug fixes and improvements

– Direction indicator of damage to the character (GUI).
– Improved graphical performance of the game.
– Two new maps for test (de_dust2-CS1.6 imported map and a simple map).
– Correction in the rescue of the player data (that were not being saved).