GIANT BEES HAVE DECIMATED HUMANITY! Every day, the low buzz of death approaches further. Can you hear it? Don’t worry! It’s time for some pest control. Grab your sword. I’ll meet you by the hive! Whatever you do though, do not touch those glowing purple orbs. Don’t worry about why. OK?—
Controls (Keyboard + Mouse/Xbox Controller):Movement – WASD/Left StickDash Attack – LMB/XStrong Attack -RMB/BDodge/Dash – Space/AInteract – E/YMap (Requires Unlock) – Tab/View ButtonPause Menu – Esc/Menu Button—Credits: David Baker – Producer + Marketer + Programmer Dylan Ford – Designer + Writer + Character Artist Rory Dungan – Programming Lead David Upcher – Art Lead + Animator Harrison Short – Sound Lead + Programmer Dante McCoy – Environmental Modeller Accolades: Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) Student Showcase Winner