They may be awkward dimensions, but they’re my dreams…
Interactive Dream Journal/Diary/Installation/OneAct of Steven Harmon
. Full length game with a lot of heart and a great soundtrack
. The original prototype was from 7dfps 2013.
. At first the game was made based on the dreams I had during my stay at Scotland while performing at the fringe festival, then the game became about owning my art, finding out who I am, and now it’s something more than that.
Simply put, it’s a game about dreams.
Q & AWhy is the game so large in file size? Is there tons uncompressed audio or what?

It’s a big game full of diverse environments, soundscape, and soundtrack; it usually takes folks at least an hour to play on their first playthrough. And no, I compress all the audio, models, textures, and video to make this as small of a game as possible.

What operating systems does it support?

Windows, Mac, and Linux. (with limited gamepad support)

Is this a sequel to this game?

No, it’s a remastered and completely redone version of the original jam prototype.

I love the music in the game! Where can I get the soundtrack?

While Dong and I (mostly Dong) wrote original stuff specifically for the game, the other music is from musicians whom I got permission from to use their recordings in the performance/game. However they do sell their music on services such as bandcamp, so I can’t go giving it away for free through gamejolt.