What’s that smell? It’s the smell of Christmas in the air! Hold onto your butts, because this is a holiday adventure that you won’t soon forget.
First off, you will meet Barf. Scour the flea market and find the perfect seasonal items to bring to Butt’s house for a Christmas gathering.
Then you will help Butt decorate the Christmas tree. Shoot the ornament box and suck the ornaments into your ass. Then hold on! Stay clenched and place those ornaments on that naked tree. Dress it up!
So far so good, right? Wrong. Shit is going to go down. Travel from the ends of the world into the pits of hell. Love and friendship will prevail, but only if Lucifer falls.
Collect various hats to change your firing style. Charge your shots to cause lethal damage. Fight strange foes, step up to challenging bosses and engage in conversations with all sorts of strange creatures.
Check out the soundtrack here!https://vanvanvan.bandcamp.com
KEYBOARD CONTROLS-WASD: moveL: clench, release shotsK: inhale, release inhaled itemsI,O: toggle hat / weaponESC: toggle fullscreen
GAMEPAD CONTROLS – (tested + working in Google Chrome)DPAD: moveA: clench, release shotsX: inhale, release inhaled itemsL,R: toggle hat / weaponESC: toggle fullscreen