Greetings everyone and thanks for checking out our new blog! I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting us over the years.  This past year was a tough one mainly because of time wasted on security issues and Steam key reselling but that’s all better saved for a future post. Everyone at IndieGameStand really felt like we needed to refocus on our mission statement of supporting and spotlighting all the amazing indie developers out there.  We’re always working on providing the best tools and support that a small indie site can offer game developers and have some new things in the pipeline.

Here are some of the changes coming to IndieGameStand in 2016.

New Blog

Obviously we have a new WordPress based blog to supplement our previous Tumblr blog.  We felt that this change was necessary to better feature our new games and features as well as highlight older games or developer interviews. WordPress also gives us a lot more control over where content appears, how things are categorized and should also help a lot around SEO and other factors.  For me, it’s returning to my roots a little bit too since it wasn’t too long ago that I created and ran  We hope that you’ll bookmark this blog and follow the stories and content that you find relevant to you.  Our goal is to promote the best indie games out there both on and off of our website so we hope that this blog will help us better serve the scene as a whole.

PWYW Deal Changes

Some of you may have noticed that our deals have been changed from 4 days to 5 days.  We made this change right around when we launched our new deal page.  The time change is a very conscious choice by our team to not only give ourselves more time to focus on getting game deals, but also to make sure that each deal has enough time to be promoted to the gamers that would love to play it.

We really felt like we needed to rework our deal page (which has been the same since 2012) to better match our store and better utilize the screen real estate.  We also have a bunch of features that we’re working on in the backend that simply wouldn’t have worked with the old design.  The new deal page isn’t entirely finished since we hope to give indie developers more control and tools by adding things like an Updates tab, full HTML support for their description and more.

Experience Points

Hardcore fans may be wondering what the (number) next to your username is all about.  I started working on this new experience (XP) system near the end of the year and while I’m still not sure about all the ways XP will be used exactly, I thought it would be nice to let users start earning it this year.  Ultimately, XP will be used to reward our customers and users.  I’m working on a quest page that will let you know the best ways to earn XP and unlock coupons and other goodies for you.  I’m even considering making a sort of metagame to go along with the system to make it fun for everyone.  Please feel free to let me know what you think would be fun on the site since I am definitely open to ideas and suggestions.

We hope everyone is excited about our changes.  We are really passionate about indie games and really appreciate all the support over the years. Every dollar that you spend here really matters and goes directly to the developers and our small team here at IndieGameStand. 

Thanks again from all of us here at