Glitchspace by Space Budgie is a puzzle game that uses programmable language to manipulate objects, block dangerous dataflow, and get across large gaps. As a person who spent 30 minutes figuring out how to use portals in Portal 2, I was certain that I wouldn’t make it past the first few levels without smashing my face into the keyboard out of frustration. The thing is, Glitchspace isn’t your average puzzle game, and there’s a sense of freedom to each puzzle that allowed me to progress further and take on new obstacles without breaking a sweat.

You start out with a little cube that will help you complete various puzzles by creating functions to manipulate the red objects you come across. This language gets more complex as the game goes on, yet also allows for a multitude of freedom when it comes to solving the puzzle your own way.

Glitchspace Programming

I really liked all of the options I had access to. I could rotate the object, stretch it, and even make it transparent or solid. Because each level unlocks new skills, it felt refreshing to encounter puzzles that were always different and gave me something new to master.

There’s just something fun about being able to do whatever you want to these objects. Sure, you could solve the puzzle and all. But experimenting is much more fun, and I’d try out different combinations just to see what I could get away with! In one instance, I completely bypassed a puzzle by cleverly positioning my object past it.

The slow movement of the cursor was slightly aggravating for me. It never moves from the center of the screen, so looking around at the scenery can prove to be a task in itself, which is a pity because it’s a gorgeous game.

Glitchspace World

Sure, there aren’t many details given to the world or hidden nooks to discover, and yet it’s this simplicity that allows the player to focus on the task set before them unhindered. It is the architecture of the levels and the sheer vastness that stands out, continually emphasizing the freedom and ability to go where you want.

Adding to that are ambient noises that fit the mood and make for a relatively peaceful gaming experience. In fact, the only qualms I had with the sound came from the noise of the dataflow – obstacles that you’ll encounter constantly. The noise they made was so loud and jarring that I had trouble focusing on a number of puzzles.

Glitchspace Puzzles

Overall, Glitchspace is a game that gives its players so much freedom. It’s easy to grasp, challenging in all the right places, and left me feeling clever every time I finished a level. Dataflow noise aside, the sound, graphics, and gameplay all come together in a great way. I highly recommend it!


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