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Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut is the definitive version of the brain-twisting first-person puzzler. Using special high-tech gloves to manipulate cubes in the environment, the player solves an array of conundrums – from physics-based challenges; to 3D jigsaws; to platform-based trials. 

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  • Single player campaign with an all new narrative 
  • Challenging and unusual puzzles 
  • New time-trial mode with 10 levels 
  • Brand new original music score 
  • New achievements and leaderboards 
  • Oculus Rift DK1 support 
  • Mac and Linux Support

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Beat the average price to unlock Q.U.B.E. Original Soundtrack!

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New Release – Art of Stealth

Art of Stealth is a game that’s all about using proper tactics and skills in order to take down your enemies. Harness the power of stealth, find cover and unravel new ways to eliminate your enemies on the spot!

One of the major points in Art of Stealth is that you need to use John’s stealth abilities and put them to good use as you try to eliminate your enemies. You will be able to stick to the cover of darkness as you steal uniforms, perform stealth kills and get one step closer to your target.

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New Release – Satellite Rush

Satellite Rush is a fast-paced sci-fi top-down shooter with pixel art graphics and Roguelike elements. 
Take control of an abducted office worker and blast through Satellite Moebius, an intergalactic space arena/Reality TV stage filled with vicious aliens, robots programmed to clean (or kill), and a (not always so) cheery audience. 

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Free game – Killer Clowns Hunt

¿Want to become a profesional killer clown hunter? If the answer is yes then this game is for you!

Iam proud to present this game where you need to survive the killer clowns that are trying to kill you, they are scary and they hace knives and axes which they throw to kill you.

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