Today’s featured “pay what you want” deal is for the unique turn based strategy game “A Druid’s Duel” available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Pay at least $1.00 to receive a Steam key. Gift a few copies to friends and play online multiplayer! 


A Druid’s Duel is a fast paced turn-based strategy game set in a world of Celtic lore where players can create and destroy the board by harnessing the power of nature.

Looks Can Be Deceiving
With a game board that changes based on players’ actions, and units that each have powerful animal abilities, you’ll need to stay focused and never let your guard down.

A Multitude of Options
Whether it’s the single player story told across more than 130 levels, local or online multiplayer for up to 4 players, there’s enough variety for new and experienced players.

Are You Up For The Challenge?
Nothing is random in A Druid’s Duel. A simple set of rules governs the board, allowing the game to be learned quickly, with various difficulty settings to match your current ability. It’ll take a clever mind to master the nuances that manipulating the board can create.

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