12 years. 130 games. 90 WIPs. 220 fonts. 50 pages of info. Four e-magazines and even a goddamn LP.

All made by one person. All in one pack.

NAL Is Dead is a retrospective pack containing everything by me released under the NAL/NALGames pseudonym between 2003 and the July 2015 formation of Chequered Ink Ltd, of which I am one of two founders.

Nal Is Dead on IndieGameStand
Containing the good – Maddening Relapse! Hi Me Ro Me! Innoquous 4! Ne Touchez Pas! Prisnhax! Frankenfirearm!

And the bad – Aardvark Cwm! Gemocide! ExecutioNAL! Clickfire!

Nal Is Dead on IndieGameStand

And everything inbetween! Ever wanted to be a prostitute on a pogo stick? SohoPogoHo hears you! Fancy going around peeing on people? Signal Failure! You can assume the role of a ginger killing the anti-gingers of the world in Infidels, or become a little robot fixing the big robot it resides in with Titan Tighten.

Need a rhythm game fix? Bullet Hills! Need a music game that has no rhythm? Melodika! Need to inject yourself to help forget the nightmarous legion of female stalkers planning on kissing you to death? Yeah, that’s in here too. So’s the one where you’re a dog in a ball unloading clips of everything from water pistols to rocket shotguns at mutant bags of blood. And the one where you get to play an interactive advert for a fictional Japanese dish cleaner while a man touts its superior viscosity to you.

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