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In a world oppressed by ruthless machines, a stronghold full of die-hard TV-sets resists the persecution. 
Your lost friends and the lack of resources drive you to take action against the extinction. 

Brave the dangers and go find your comrades to rescue your species!
Mechanic escape is a platform game full of infernal chases. 
In order to find his lost friends, Mech (the hero) doesn’t hesitate to play the human cannonball, to pass throughout high-voltage areas or even dodge the most deadly machines. As if that was not enough, many bosses will take a real pleasure in chasing you to stop your insane journey. 

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• 80 levels 
• A hardcore game 
• An original universe 
• Plenty of achievements to unlock 
• Steam Trading Cards 
• Completely playable with a joystick 
Do not watch TV, play it.

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New Release – Ego Protocol

EGO PROTOCOL is an award-winning action-packed puzzle platformer that will addict you from the first play! 
It includes 60 levels to complete and a unique 4-stage mechanics testing your skills! 
Guiding your humanoid character to safety is not easy, and to create safe passage through the abandoned orbital station, cunning strategy and quick reflexes is required. In order to overcome enemies and obstacles, and to reach the end of each level, you can jump, shoot and manipulate the world. 

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New Release – GRAVEN The Purple Moon Prophecy

An invitation to research ancient menhirs sends you to Brittany to find these magnificent standing stones… 
But you quickly discover there is far more at stake than groundbreaking research. 
…there is a prophecy… 
One that foretells chaos and evil being unleashed upon the world on the night when a comet hides behind the moon and turns the sky purple.

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Free game – Sparky’s Hunt 2

Continuing from the previous trouble you had with Sparky and her followers, you decided to move home and hope you had seen the last of her, but you took her gift with you and now she is more determined to get what she wants from you.  But you still don’t know what she wants.

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