Our current 4-day “pay what you want” deal is for the arcade style shooter ‘Zotrix’ on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Currently available Steam only for a minimum of $1.00. We encourage you to pay more and support this indie dev!

Zotrix is an arcade space shooter inspired by early shooter games on arcade machines from 80’s and early 90’s. Designed for all generations it contains missions with nice and colorful enemies while focused on the arcade element of the gameplay.

You dive into deep space escorting a cargo ship from your fleet. Quickly you realize you’re within the boundaries of enemy territory. Chains of enemy ships are lining up one by one while you perform maneuvers to clear the perimeter and avoid being cleared out yourself. Victory doesn’t come easy as you have to earn every single space credit out there fighting in over 50 missions.

Grab it for up to 90% off until 9/22 at Midnight EST!