Forge your own path within this twisting magical world.

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Forge your own path within this twisting magical world but beware the danger lurking around every corner.

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There is but one task: find the heart of the cave and become the hero to all your people. But there’s an awful lot of stuff in the way, you’re finding.

Well, as a for instance, which way should you go? Oh, at first it’s easy, sure. Go that way. There’s just the one, so it’s an easy choice. But then you get to a split, see a way down, a way up, a way forward and, sometimes, the way backward is the best way. The way backward is ESPECIALLY the best way when running into the vast hordes of creatures that seem to occupy this space. Did anybody really know that Genies ran in packs? Well you do, now, and they run in packs right after your fleeing hide.

And you’ll cross rivers and lakes and waterfalls and lava pools and shoot up into the air, encountering a living darkness (yeah, you read that right). And what’re you gunna do about it? As I mentioned, backwards is often the best way. After all, when your torch fails to light up the darkness, maybe it’s best not to let the darkness catch up to you.

Oh, but there HAVE been hordes of fallen explorers in here. Which means there are hordes of weapons lying around, right? Right! And even if you have to pry them from the grip of somebody’s cold dead hand (this doesn’t happen as there are no hands in this game), they will be useful to you for battling the hordes of Genies, the living darkness and other creatures that have been inhabiting the caves for way too long to appreciate strangers like you coming into their midst.

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Party Saboteurs

Party Saboteurs is a local multiplayer espionage party game for up to four players. Each player controls a spy who is trying to blend in an exclusive cocktail party to complete the missions. The catch? At the same time, they are all controlling snipers trying to identify and eliminate each other’s spies.

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NaturSuper Hop ‘N’ Bop ULTRA

Super Hop ‘N’ Bop ULTRA is a 1v1 arena game with fast paced skill based action. The game hearkens to gameboy action platformers, while still feeling fresh and exciting.

Key Features:

  • Four action packed game modes.
  • Six playable characters, all with different abilities.
  • Five interesting stages to fight on.
  • Chiptune soundtrack that’s sure to get your head bobbing.

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PaPaPaddles! is a classical table tennis game for the single player.


  • The set is when the player or the enemy first score 11 points.
  • If you will score 10 points, the boss will come.
  • If you score 10 points, next time you will play from the Boss Fight
  • The 6 characters have the different abilities and the special skills.
  • The 5 Stages have the different environments and the bosses.
  • The each stages have the different BGM and the boss BGM.

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