If you’ve visited the store today, hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve added the new Wishlist functionality to the store.  This update took a little longer because there is a bunch of stuff going on behind the scene in the backend for indie developers as well.  A lot of this update has to do with prepping the site for more frequent updates in the future.  All good things of course. 

This post is about the wishlist though and how it works so let’s get to that.  The first thing to note is that if you try to do any wishlist stuff without logging in, you’ll be prompted to login so all your wishlisting will be properly saved.

It’s all pretty straight forward but our wishlist is all about hearting Indie Games.  On the store homepage, you can click any empty heart next to a game to add it to your wishlist.  If you click a solid green heart, that will remove it from your wishlist.  The same is true for the browse page:

These quick icon clicks make wishlisting stuff a breeze.  We’re hoping that you’ll heart the games that you most want to see for PWYW deals and store sales.  The total number of users that have a game wishlisted is all reported to the game developer in our portal, so if there’s a game you’re waiting for to go on sale – heart it now!

The wishlist stuff all translates back to the game page as well.  If a game is already in your wishlist, it will tell you so:

You can add/remove games to your wishlist from this page as well by clicking the heart.  There’s also a direct link to your actual wishlist where you can quickly remove anything that you no longer want to keep an eye on.

Finally, the quickest way to get to your wishlist is by highlighting your username and selecting “My Wishlist”

We’re already off working on the next set of features. Be sure to add your ideas and website suggestions to http://support.indiegamestand.com.

Feel free to ask any questions about the wishlist below and we’ll be happy to answer them.