Today we’re featuring the incredible multiplayer game, King Arthur’s Gold by Transhuman Design.  The game is still under development, but this deal allows you to pre-order the game for any price that you want!  Beat the average for an exclusive 189 page digital art and design booklet. 

King Arthur’s Gold (KAG), is a 2D cooperative war game played with up to 32 players. You can play as knight, archer or builder – with physics allowing the construction and destruction of medieval fortresses. KAG blends the creative aspects of Minecraft, the medieval strategy of Age of Empires 2, with fast class-based team-driven gameplay of Team Fortress 2, sprinkled with the extreme fun from the teams previous game – Soldat.

Please note that this game has DRM and requires that you create a username on the KAG servers to unlock all of the premium features.

Bonus Content:

Beat the Average for an exclusive never before seen digital art and design booklet.  That’s 189 pages full of never before seen sketches, graphics, drafts and prototypes used by MM and Geti, the creators of King Arthur’s Gold when making the game.

Featured Charity: Grey Animals Foundation

Developer, Transhuman Design, has selected the Grey Animals Foundation, a very special charity in their community that helps animals, to receive 10% of the proceeds of their 96 hour sale.

Grab your friends and get together to enjoy this amazing multiplayer indie game today!