IndieGameStand’s new release, Dungeon Rift!

Join Sir Bucket and his friends in their peaceful journey through DungeonRift!

Kill everybody on the level, grab the loot and move to the portal. But what’s that? Monsters are following you! And they’re becoming stronger and smarter! And the dungeon itself transforms into a darker, crippier and more dangerous place! How long will Sir Bucket survive?

Monsters are persons too!

Monsters are leveling instead of the player. Each enemy in DungeonRift has its own perks and abilities that they learn randomly, creating surprising and dangerous combinations. Every run won’t be the same – different monsters choosing random perks will force Sir Bucket to adapt his strategy every time.
Obliterate your foes, explore the Rift, unlock new weapons and meet new rivals in your endless struggle in DungeonRift!

Fast and dynamic action;
Various abilities and perks for monsters;
150+ of dungeon layouts;
Menacing traps;
Weapons with different mechanics;
Player progression system;
Two playable characters;
Dark humor;
Funny collectibles;

Available on IndieGameStand

Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux