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New Deal: Infinite Space 3 - Sea of Stars

Today’s deal is for Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars for Steam on Windows.  Please note that this game is currently in Early Access and has a minimum price of $1.  Beat the average to unlock the previous Infinite Space Titles and be sure to come by and chat with the developers at our PAX Prime panel tomorrow at 7:30PST.

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is a starship roguelike, a sandbox adventure game of interstellar exploration and combat. Travel from star to star, upgrade your ship with new systems and weapons, build up your flotilla with allies and mercenaries, and take on a variety of alien menaces.

Check it out on IndieGameStand and grab it for whatever price you want.

New Deal: Glitchhikers for Windows/Mac

Today’s deal is for Glitchhikers for Windows PC and Mac.  More importantly, developer Silverstring Media has decided to give 80% of the proceeds of this sale to the Dames Making Games Charity! Help fight the sexism/harrassment of the games industry by picking up this incredibly trippy game today.

Have you ever driven alone late at night? Unexpectedly found yourself in a meditative, liminal space? Caught yourself thinking thoughts you’d never have anywhere else? Weird music plays on the radio and things take on a strange quality. Glitchhikers is about that experience.  The journey is what you take from it.

Every Drive is a Journey and this one is helping out Dames Making Games in Toronto! Support this game today on IndieGameStand.

New Deal: Monsters! for PC/Mac/Linux DRM Free

Today’s Deal is the final run of our Philly indie game scene deals.  Starting today, you can grab Monsters!, the Robotron inspired shooter for whatever price you want and get it DRM-free for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.  Pay at least $1 to receive a Steam key (if/when the game gets greenlit) and beat the average for the game’s soundtrack.  Remember that 10% of the proceeds go towards fighting hunger and Philabundance.

Monsters is a 2D action shooter inspired by the classic arcade game Robotron 2084. Wielding “twin stick” controls, the player aims to defeat waves of enemy monsters bent on his destruction. The player must use caution, however, as every shot drains the player’s life/energy. The only way to stay alive is to continuously collect the hearts of the slain monsters. In addition, hearts of different colors provide a variety of “power-up” like abilities that the player can use to their advantage. 

Check it out on IndieGameStand today!

New Deal: Perfection + more games from Greg Lobanov

Today’s deal is for the game Perfection by Greg Lobanov for Windows, Mac and Linux DRM Free.  Pay at least $1 to get a Steam Key.  Beat the average for a slew other game’s from his portfolio including the RPG Adventure Phantasmaburbia and Sling-It!

Perfection. is a simple, soothing puzzle game about cutting shapes to fit into outlines. There is an infinite number of puzzles, each randomly generated to be unique and interesting.

Bonus Games: Phantasmaburbia and Sling-It

Phantasmaburbia is an adventure-RPG set in modern day American suburbia. Ghosts overrun a small town, and it’s up to four teens to battle them using weapons found in their homes and assisted by friendly spirits of the deceased.

Sling-It is a slingshot shoot-em-up where you fight an endless army of Pollutnik robots by wrecking them piece by piece and throwing their debris back at them.

Charity: Philabundance

Greg has been nice enough to pledge half of his proceeds to Philabundance so the charity will be receiving 40% of the proceeds of this sale to help fight hunger in the Delaware valley!

Grab these great games on IndieGameStand Today!

New Deal: ClusterPuck 99 for Win/Mac/Linux DRM Free + BONUS GAMES

Today’s deal is for the competitive multiplayer game ClusterPuck 99 DRM Free for PC, Mac and Linux.  Pay at least $1 to receive a Steam key if/when this game is greenlit.  Beat the average to unlock other great games by the PHL Collective Team: Noodle Arm Royale and Snack Blocks. Grab this game and your friends for some serious fun. 

Featuring 8-player, local competitive action on your PC, Mac and Linux.

- Compete in intense 8 Player Local Co-op matches!
- Navigate through 20 dangerous maps littered with bumpers, speed boosts and spikes!
- Bash your friends to gain control of the puck and then fight your way through to your opponents goal.
- Customizable players!

Grab this great deal and Help fight Hunger in Philadelphia by supporting Philabundance.