Stretch across lands of unforeseeable cold, and trouble in Urizen Shadows of the Cold, soon to update to Urizen Shadows of the Cold Deluxe Frosty Edition.  Easy, skillful, and challenging retro fun Urizen Shadows of the Cold is a sci-fi, “medieval”, adventure, platformer, with a personality all it’s own.  Currently Urizen Shadow of the Cold holds…

50 warriors
34+ massive stages
keyboard and gamepad compatible
retro styled pixel graphics
cool cheat menu
head bop combo system
implemented save feature
enabled music test menu
music from music composer Efe Tozan “Falanca”
simple yet crazy and intense retro pixel graphic styled game play paying tribute to that old plumber and that ninja with the dragon tooth sword
a unique set of weapons/projectiles for each warrior enabling close counter melee attacks
handles many secrets
hidden warriors and hidden gems

In 3rd-4th quarter 2017 a massive update will take place and Urizen Shadows of the Cold Deluxe Frosty Edition will include

+30 Steam Achievements
revamped and new bosses
10 New Readily Playable and Hidden Warriors bringing a total to 60
an interactive training stage “the travelers guide”
2 player co-op mode
3 different difficulty modes
expanded save menu
full-screen/window option
the ability to manually enable 2 or 1 gamepad(s) and/or 1 keyboard reflecting 2 player co-op mode
an enemy and hero museum showcasing all the warriors and baddies with detailed descriptions and storyline
the Urizen “Bazaar” store enabling the purchase of new warriors, power-ups, and elixirs
the “Witches Hut” enabling the selling and trading of items for cash or items like potions
a “block” button will be implemented
the removal of floating coins
coin bags and treasure chests among other will replace those floating coins
stage design will be updated
the ability to “speak” to natives and towns people will be made providing with unique hints, and secrets
12 totally new stages bringing it to a total of 70 stages
new complete ending
more hidden secrets and or easter eggs – expanded cut-scenes
new “Frosty” themed menu layouts
enemies killed will leave behind items that can be collected, traded or sold, at the “Witches Hut”
Revamped SFX selection
Soundtrack DLC pack will be available for $1.99 – thorough bug and glitch removal has been made
revamped more sophisticated enemies and updated warriors

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