Super Lumi Live is a SNES-style platformer wrapped in a brutally pure gameplay experience.
With ultra refined controls and unrestrictive gameplay, Super Lumi Live is crafted for speedrunning, or alternatively you can slow the pace down to find all the hidden levels and secrets.

Easy to play, difficult to master.
Fast, fluid movement with precise controls.
Speedrun and exploration themed level design.
8-12 traditional sized levels in each of the 6 Seasons*.
Gravity twisting Warp Space levels.
Time targets, challenging collectibles and sneaky secrets.
Bonus level exits and unlockable paths in the Season map.
Replays and Level/Season editors**.
All future updates are free.

* Season 1 and 2 containing the first 17 levels are available for beta.
** Unavailable at beta launch.
Season 1 and 2 out now!

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